BIMA award won for Dynamo Unlock


Having recently won an award for our Universal ident refresh, Red Bee has scooped up another first class prize! We were awarded a BIMA for our second screen work for Watch: Dynamo Unlock.

In total the interactive and cross platform campaign has generated over 30K unique visitors in just over 4 days! And 1 million viewers saw  the first episode. Watch achieved its highest share of the year beating ITV. This whole project was a massive and logistical triumph as well as a digital first.

The BIMA’s are one of the very top award shows for the digital industry, and we were also shortlisted for our work on Sherlock.

If you want to see the calibre of the winners, the full list is here. To  have a look at the programme of the night, please click here.


AWARD winner at the Kinsale Sharks


Our work for BBC and NBCUniversal picked up some awards last week at the Kinsale Sharks.

Our Universal Channel idents picked up GOLD for Best Idents; our Wimbledon 2014 promo picked up GOLD for Best Sports promo and we picked up both GOLD and SILVER for our Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and EastEnders Killer Amongst Them campaigns


Red Bee feature film premiered at preview screening and on BBC Four


Monday night saw the premiere of Red Bee's first long-format feature production, 100 seconds to beat the world: The David Rudisha Story, at an invitation-only event in Soho, London 

The film, a co-production with Hill Ten Films, aired last night (Tuesday 22nd) on BBC Four at 10pm, and is now available to watch here on BBC iPlayer.  Monday's event saw guests from the media and the world of athletics join Red Bee and its clients in celebrating the UK terrestrial release of the film. Journalists from various publications were in attendance, including Sport, Daily Express, Running Fitness, Forever Sport and Spikes. Running legend Bernard Lagat, the US / Kenyan multiple medal winner, also attended, such is the level of interest the film has already generated in the sporting community.

Co-directed and filmed by Red Bee's Creative Director for Content, Jim de Zoete, with Ed Sunderland, and produced by Red Bee's Head of Content Production, Sarah Caddy, the documentary tells the real-life stories of a shy Maasai boy who overcame injury, disappointment and political turmoil to become one of the greatest runners on the planet, and his unorthodox Irish coach, Brother Colm O'Connell, a missionary who arrived in Kenya in 1976 with no athletic or coaching experience. Through the lives of both men over 10 years, the film explores themes of hope, fear, loss, faith and dedication, and is a must-see for sport-lovers, or any fan of gripping documentary storytelling.

100 seconds to beat the world: The David Rudisha Story, BBC Four and BBC iPlayer.


Red Bee film to air on BBC Four this Tuesday


Red Bee's latest feature length production airs this Tuesday 22nd July at 10pm on BBC Four.

The narrative documentary, 100 seconds to beat the world: The David Rudisha Story is a co-production with Hill Ten films, and tells the stories of Kenyan runner David Rudisha, Olympic 800m champion and world record holder, and his inspirational coach, an Irish missionary called Brother Colm O'Connell.  Shot over 10 years, it follows David, a shy young Maasai, from his first 800m run, through injury setbacks and political turmoil to his ultimate goal of emulating his father's achievement of winning an Olympic medal. Along the way, we learn more about what drove an Irish missionary with no athletic background to become one of the most influential coaches in the sport, and explore his hopes and fears for David.  With contributions from Steve Cram and Seb Coe, the film is a must-see for sport-lovers, and for any fan of gripping tales of achievement against the odds.

The BBC will screen the film on the eve of the Commonwealth Games, where Rudisha will run, and the film will be available to watch on iPlayer.  Additionally, Red Bee are holding a preview screening event on 21st July for clients and special guests.  

Co-directed and filmed by Red Bee's Creative Director for Content, Jim de Zoete, with Ed Sunderland, and produced by Red Bee's Head of Content Production, Sarah Caddy, 100 seconds to beat the world: The David Rudisha Story continues to build Red Bee's reputation in content, and exemplifies all of the storytelling expertise it has recently brought to bear for commercial clients like Halfords, Hyundai and Barclays.

Watch the trailer here.


Red Bee Helps Hyundai UK Get Creative With Content


Hyundai Motor UK today launched two new films - the next instalments in a series of engaging online content produced by award-winning entertainment and content marketing agency, Red Bee. The films are designed to explain key attributes of Hyundai’s latest product range in a fun and entertaining way - an innovative take on a traditional brochure format.

In each film, the audience hears the inner thoughts of a potential buyer as a member of dealership staff talks to them about one of two new Hyundai models. Neil Stuke, BAFTA-nominated actor and star of the BBC’s highly-acclaimed legal drama ‘Silk’, is seen in the first film alongside co-star Elliot Speller-Gillott. They play a father and son duo interested in purchasing a new ix35. Kimberley Nixon, known as Josie Jones in Channel 4’s ‘Fresh Meat’, stars alongside Hyundai’s award-winning New Generation i10 in the second film.

Neil Stuke commented on the project: “It’s great to see a car company looking at innovative ways of engaging its potential punters – through the means of entertainment.  I’d seen the first of these films with Darren Boyd and Anna Crilly and thought they were great – really funny.  I am very pleased to have been involved in this project.”

Red Bee created and produced the unique online content to showcase the most compelling product points and present them in the most entertaining way possible. With an overwhelming majority of car buyers undertaking research that involves viewing online footage prior to purchase, the content was designed to take into account the need to connect consumers with the Hyundai brand during the purchasing process itself.

Writer and director, Ollie Parsons of Red Bee, explained: “We treated it like a sitcom not an ad, writing and producing it as you would any other TV comedy. This isn’t only about making the audience laugh; it is also about quickly engaging them with the story and establishing the characters.”

Andrew Cullis, Marketing Director of Hyundai UK, commented, “We aim to offer consumers something a bit different from the norm with these videos. We wanted them to be educational and informative, but above all else, entertaining. Creating content that consumers can engage with during their purchase journey will helps us to stand out from the crowd - hopefully ensuring that we end up on their list of car brands to consider.”

Andy Bryant, Director, Creative at Red Bee said: “Brands are becoming increasingly focused on the content they produce and offering real entertainment to the audience is vital for brands. Hyundai really embraced our broadcast approach to their challenge and we're all delighted with the result.”

These two new videos for the New Generation i10 and new ix35 follow on from two previous videos created and produced by Red Bee for Hyundai which so far have been watched over 400,000 times on the Hyundai UK YouTube channel.

This campaign is part of Hyundai’s comprehensive digital strategy that addresses the demands of today’s connected customers. This includes the redevelopment of the Hyundai consumer and dealer websites - ensuring an intuitive, simple and engaging user experience for people looking to purchase a car.

The two videos can be viewed here or by visiting: http://www.youtube.com/user/HyundaiMotorUK.




Last night, Red Bee was named Agency of the Year for the third consecutive year at the PromaxBDA Europe Awards 2014.

This prestigious award – Out-of-House Agency of the Year – is designed to recognise the standout agency of the past 12 months across Europe and is judged by an elite jury of industry professionals.
In addition to this, a further 11 Golds and 5 Silvers were awarded to multi-platform marketing and design projects created and produced by Red Bee. 
The PromaxBDA Europe Awards 2014 took place in London as a part of the annual PromaxBDA Europe Conference, the largest gathering of marketing, promotion and design professionals in the European television and entertainment media industry. The PromaxBDA Europe Awards looks to recognise the finest work from television promotion, marketing and design from across Europe over the past 12 months.
Andy Bryant, Director, Creative, Red Bee Media, commented: “We’re very proud to have achieved a hat trick of wins in the most competitive awards in our industry, with our creativity recognised once again across a range of disciplines.”
Red Bee Media PromaxBDA Europe 2014 Award wins:
2014 PromaxBDA Europe Out-of-House Agency of the Year
Documentary or Factual Entertainment Programme Spot – Sound of Cinema (BBC)
Reality/Docu-Drama/Unscripted/Non-Fiction Programme Spot – The Apprentice (BBC)
Dramatic Programme Spot – Doctor Who 50th (BBC)
Children's Programme Spot – Cbeebies App (BBC)
Children's Channel Image Spot Campaign Design – Cbeebies Idents (BBC)
Programme Spot Not Using Programme Footage – Doctor Who 50th (BBC)
Animation – Sound of Cinema (BBC)
Sound Design – In The Flesh (BBC)
Website or Interactive Service Spot – Alex Horne Breaks The News Podcast (Dave- UKTV)
Promotional Interactive Applications – Sherlock Interactive (BBC)
Rocket Award – Ben Mahon

Entertainment/Music/Variety/Comedy Programme Spot – The Revolution Will Be Televised (BBC)
Funniest Promo - The Revolution Will Be Televised (BBC)
Music or Instrumental Theme – BBC One Africa (BBC)
Promotional Interactive Applications – Dynamo Unlock (Watch – UKTV)
Best On-Air Ident Campaign (Out-of-House) – Universal Channel (entered by NBCUniversal)


Red Bee pair's feature documentary to air on FilmFour this Thursday


This Thursday marks the TV premiere of feature documentary Patience (After Sebald). Directed by Red Bee's Grant Gee and co-produced by Sarah Caddy; it was commissioned and produced by Gareth Evans and Di Robson of Artevents, as part of a yearlong event called The Re-enchantment

Selected as Pick of the Day in The Observer's TV reviews and listings section, the film's cinematic release in 2011 was greeted with acclaim by the film press and audiences alike (including Critics' Pick in the New York Times and selection for the Vancouver and New York international film festivals).  Now the film inspired by W G Sebald and his novel The Rings of Saturn is to be screened on Film Four, this Thursday 12th December at 11am. 

Watch the trailer here.

Gee (director) and Caddy (producer) have worked together previously on a number of Red Bee projects, including Making First Steps, the BBC short film on Elbow and the Olympic theme, and Gee has previously been lauded for his work in music videos and documentaries (Joy Division, Meeting People Is Easy).  But this feature marked a narrative departure from their usual work. Gee explains:

"Patience developed out of conversations with Gareth Evans. We discovered a mutual love of WG Sebald's unclassifiable books and the realisation that there was a growing, very unlikely cult developing around this entirely unassuming character and one of his books in particular: The Rings of Saturn

Though 'The Rings...' is wildly digressive, it has, at its core, something very useful for a documentary filmmaker: something with a beginning, middle and end that you can film very cheaply - namely a 7 day walk around rural and coastal Suffolk. And so (and here's a perfect example of the filmmaker's simple brain in operation) as the walk had a beginning middle and end, so the book had a beginning middle and end, and Sebald's life had beginning, middle and...untimely end. So the form of the film very quickly developed as an overlay and interplay of these three trips, three strands: book/walk/life.

We then chose a fantasy book group who would act as our guides on the three trips. Artists, writers, friends, fans. Selecting who to interview was made easier by the fact that people have been moved to make work inspired by or about Sebald. So the talking heads had more than just opinions to offer the film.

We developed the notion that the route through Suffolk in the book and the devotion shown by fans and colleagues toward Sebald had some of the qualities of a modern, secular pilgrimage. The weird confessional intensity of the interviews was helped along by the tiny sound studio which, with amazing production voodoo, producer Sarah Caddy managed to blag at the very heart of Red Bee Mansions.

My own act of pilgrimage was to walk in Sebald's footsteps as closely as possible. Solo, over the same route in the same period of time staying at the same terrible hotels if possible. What I lacked of Sebald's hallucinogenic melancholy, historical intelligence and perceptual acuity, I made up for by carrying a bloody great big bag of 16mm camera kit on my back for a week."

Patience (After Sebald). Thursday 12th December, 11am, FilmFour.



Red Bee Media creates online films for Hyundai Motor UK Ltd


Red Bee Media has created two new films for Hyundai to increase online engagement for two of its models. The videos are designed to explain the main benefits of the i30 and the Santa Fe whilst simultaneously building brand affinity.

In each film, the audience gets to hear what a potential buyer is really thinking as a member of dealership staff talks them through one of the Hyundai models.  Anna Crilly, comedian and star of both Lead Balloon & Katy and Anna, is seen alongside the i30 in the first instalment whilst BAFTA Award winner and star of TV, film and radio, Darren Boyd, plays the role of would-be customer for the Santa Fe in the second.

Hyundai selected Red Bee for the brief after a competitive pitch. The challenge was to create content specifically for customers in the midst of the car buying process, as around two-thirds of those undertaking research of new cars view online footage prior to purchase.  In this research stage, potential customers are actively searching for product information, so key features and benefits have to be clearly conveyed. But by using humour to inform and entertain the audience, the films aim to leave a more lasting impression on the viewer and forge a positive emotional connection with the Hyundai brand.  

Andy Bryant, Director, Creative at Red Bee Media said: “We felt the opportunity for Hyundai was to do more than simple video brochures.  To engage potential purchasers during the research and shortlisting phase of the car buying process, the content needed to stand out as well as deliver product details.  So we decided to showcase the most compelling product points and present them in the most entertaining way possible. As more brands move into the world of content it’s important that they remember content needs to have real entertainment value for the audience, something we know about from our years of working with the world's biggest broadcasters.  Hyundai really embraced our broadcast approach to their challenge and we're all delighted with the result.”

Andrew Cullis, Marketing Director of Hyundai UK, commented,  “With these videos we are offering consumers something more engaging and appealing than the traditional brochure or online specifications.  Today’s consumers are looking for more – they want to be entertained, informed and educated.  Creating content that they can engage with during their purchase journey helps Hyundai to make an impression, capture attention and ultimately to ensure we end up on their list of car brands to consider.”    

The two videos can be viewed here.




Red Bee Media won 28 creative awards and three production awards at this year’s prestigious PromaxBDA UK Awards, taking home 10 Gold, 12 Silver and nine Bronze statues.

Judged by a panel of industry professionals, the PromaxBDA UK Awards recognise the very best in TV marketing, creativity and strategy over the past 12 months. Red Bee Media was recognised for its work on a number of promotional, brand identity and digital projects for broadcasters such as the BBC, NBCUniversal and UKTV, who won Channel of the Year for Dave.

Andy Bryant, Director, Creative, Red Bee Media, commented: “It is fantastic once again to be recognised by the industry for some of the exceptional work we have undertaken for a variety of projects and clients. Winning such a range of awards really highlights the skill and innovation that our team has and how committed we are to providing the best creative work in the entertainment industry. We’re incredibly proud of the entire team.”

The awards took place on 8 November 2013 and covered over 40 categories.

Red Bee Media award wins:

Best Drama (Promo Clip Based) – In the Flesh – BBC Three
Best Reality (Originated) – The Apprentice – BBC One
Best Factual (Originated) – Sound of Cinema – BBC Four
Best Factual (Clip-Based) – Africa – BBC One
Best Graphic Design – Sound of Cinema – BBC Four
Best Script – There’s Always More to See – BBC Two
Best Use of Design – David Attenborough Natural Curiosities - Eden
Channel of the Year - Dave

Best Drama Promo Originated - The Wrongs Mans BBC Two
Best Factual (Originated) – David Attenborough Natural Curiosities – Eden
Best Factual (Clip Based) – Megatruckers – Dave
Best Children’s Clip based – CBBC Comedy
Best Promotion for Website – iPlayer Radio
Most Innovative Use of Digital – Africa – BBC One
Best Script – Dave’s breakfast Club Does Lizard Lick Towing
Best Use of Music – The Apprentice – BBC One
Best Direction – The Apprentice – BBC One
Best On air Programme Campaign – Dave Gorman Modern life - Dave
Best Newcomer – Ben Mahon

Best Drama Promo (Clip based) – OBD – BBC One
Best Sports (Clip based) – Sports Personality of the Year
Best Graphic Design – David Attenborough Curiosities - Eden
Best promotion For Website – Alex Horne breaks the News – Dave
Best Launch – David Attenborough Curiosities - Eden
Best Use of Design – Sound of Cinema – BBC Four
Something for nothing – Extras: Barry – Dave
Best Channel Identity – Universal Channel
Best Cross Media Campaign – David Attenborough Curiosities - Eden

Red Bee Media Production Company award wins:

Best Children’s (Originated) - Big Fun Time – Cbeebies (Karmarama)
Best Direct Response - Children in Need RKCR/Y&R

Best Design – Cultural Exchange (Karmarama)




Red Bee Media's work for the BBC has won seven gongs at this year’s Eurovision Connect Awards.

The annual event hosted by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) celebrating the very best in European public service media promotion, marketing and design, took place on 29 May in Brussels during the 2013 Eurovision Media Summit.

Red Bee Media was shortlisted in six of the nine categories, and won an award in all six categories. Red Bee Media was also awarded the coveted trophy for Outstanding Promo of the Year 2013. The full list of awards is as follows:

Outstanding Promo of the Year 2013: BBC – BBC Weather

Best Sport Promo: BBC – End to End Football
Best Children’s/Young People’s Promo: BBC – CBeebies –Talk to The Bear
Best use of Graphic Design in a Promo: BBC – Piano Season

Best News or Current Affairs Promo: BBC – BBC Weather
Best Programme or Event Branding: BBC – Planet Earth Live
Best use of Music or Sound Design in a Promo: BBC – Africa

This year, the Eurovision Connect steering committee received 250 entries from 24 countries across nine categories. The committee shortlisted 45 entries based not only on the visual and audio impact of a promotion but also the original written brief, a short description of the target audience and the impact of the work in terms of viewing figures. The shortlisted entries were screened at the Eurovision Connect conference and participants were then able to vote for their favourite promos in real-time during the ceremony.

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