“Have you thought about how freedom of choice can make your customers create their own personal tv?”

“a la carte” TV channels on any device

KNIPPR is a cable free, interactive TV service from T-Mobile Netherlands. With KNIPPR, viewers can choose their own additional channels of interest on top of KNIPPR Basis providing access to the popular channels, and watch TV on the screen of their choice. The channel offering can easily be adjusted or cancelled on a monthly basis and does not require to buy a large TV package or an all-in-one package with mandatory (fixed) telephone or internet. The service is powered by Ericsson’s highly scalable managed platform for OTT video delivery. Ericsson also provides metadata services to enrich the EPG of the new service.

The Challange

  • Enter market with disruptive pick-n-choose proposition for linear TV Challenge cable-dominated market
  • Deploy cutting-edge new features to extend mobile reach to big screen
  • Provide extensive tools for dynamic shopping (hop-on, hop-off)
  • Maximize customer self-care

Enable cutting edge proposition

The Solution

  • Ericsson’s managed OTT platform aas
  • Leverage Channel Store for wide range of linear TV channels
  • Rich metadata services enhance EPG
  • Explore extensive hosted CRM features
  • Devices support Web, iOS & Android
  • Include Chromecast and AppleTV support for Live, Start-Over, ReplayTV

Optimized for broadcast level services

The Result

  • Flexible, scalable online video platform to enable attractive new service
  • Credible CableTV alternative
  • Reduced TCO by maximizing consumer self–care
  • Include retail support with complex voucher models
  • Extendible with more pick-n-choose TV channels

First-in-class pure OTT linear TV service

KNIPPR offers ultimate freedom of choice. With the technology and knowledge of Ericsson, we have been able to introduce an innovative TV service that allows consumers to have access to the best ‘a la carte’ TV content possible.

Johan Trouwborst, VP, KNIPPR

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