Environmental Policy

Red Bee Media and all its staff make caring for the environment and improving our community an important part of ensuring our business is efficient and effective.

In particular we are committed to compliance with relevant environmental legislation and to the adoption of practices and procedures that reduce the risk of environmental damage or harm. To achieve this we have undertaken to implement and maintain environmental management systems and arrangements which enable us to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation as a minimum
  • Work towards reducing our carbon emissions by monitoring and minimising wherever possible our consumption of natural resources including energy, water and all other materials
  • Manage our use of transport resources efficiently
  • Promote awareness of environmental matters amongst all levels of staff regarding how they work
  • Increase recycling including use of recycled materials thereby reducing waste
  • Set and monitor progress towards environmental objectives and targets such that we might achieve continual improvement in our overall environmental management performance
  • Control and minimise the waste streams arising from our activities including their, proper storage and disposal
  • Expect and encourage our suppliers and contractors to adopt similar sustainable and environmental principles

We are personally committed to these principles as is The Board and Executive Leadership Team , and we look to all employees to create and sustain a climate where environmental issues are given due consideration. By abiding with the core principles above we will continually demonstrate management commitment and leadership.

Care of the environment is of course a matter for everyone, and we expect each person employed by or contracted to the company to contribute to helping achieve the aims and intent of this Policy.