Red Bee Media Creates Campaign to Promote British Aviation

The Aviation Foundation is a non-profit organisation unaffiliated to any political party. It promotes the role of aviation within the UK and was established by British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Heathrow and Manchester Airports Group and is supported by trade organisations representing aerospace, airlines and airports. The campaign aims to demonstrate how crucial aviation is to communities across the UK, both economically and socially, and to give key influencers such as MPs reasons to stand up and promote aviation within their constituencies and in parliament. Red Bee Media created and produced the film, which was shot on location in Carlisle, the town that is furthest away from a major international airport, with the aim of demonstrating the importance of aviation to local economies, even when they are apparently far away from the industry itself.

‘The Great British Flying Test’ is a multi-media campaign, spearheaded by a 15 minute film of the same name which tests the theory that aviation has a positive impact on us all. The film sees journalist and broadcaster Tim Samuels head off on a journey of discovery to uncover the human stories behind the economic statistics, bringing to life the positive effects of aviation in the UK.

The Aviation Foundation anticipates over 20,000 views of the shorter five minute film on YouTube, and ultimately hopes that it will help to influence MPs perceptions of the aviation industry within the UK.

Andy Bryant, Director, Creative, Red Bee Media, commented: “We are delighted to be working with The Aviation Foundation and we are proud to have helped create a compelling story about aviation’s economic benefits in an accessible and engaging way. This campaign is a great example of how content marketing can be used to drive conversations and influence opinion-makers and I think we’ll see many more campaigns follow this example to take advantage of the flexibility and multimedia benefits that branded video content can deliver.”

Robert Gray, Executive Director of The Aviation Foundation added: “Setting the right tone and approach was crucial in terms of the film’s credibility and getting people to relate to the concept immediately. Production quality had to be exceptional for many reasons, not least because major UK airlines will show the film on-board from early 2013, adding longevity to the campaign. Red Bee Media truly delivered on all fronts and we are extremely pleased with the result.”