Red Bee Media to power ITV's simulcast streaming service


Watch ITV on the move? We designed an app for that. And in a UK first, put live World Cup matches on iPhone.

Each content owner has a different approach to their on demand services. Our job at Red Bee Media is to use our creative and technical expertise to guide them towards their strategic targets. ITV are keen that all their content is viewed through ITV branded websites, portals and applications. So when they asked us to help them launch live streams of their main channels on iPhone in time for the 2010 World Cup, we naturally leapt at the chance. The new service was to be branded Watch Live.

Here our existing relationship with ITV was a big factor. As chief architects and managers of their digital content store they knew we had the critical expertise in media workflow and metadata management. What’s more, they knew we could turn the job around quickly. And with the World Cup only six weeks away, the clock was ticking.

At the risk of ruining the suspense, we hit our deadline with time to spare.

And our ace team, combining interface designers with workflow and metadata specialists, delivered an application that far exceeded the client’s expectations.

With our help, ITV became the first UK broadcaster to stream live World Cup games on iPhone. And our sophisticated metadata platform Teleview, gave their viewers a richer and deeper brand service than other video streaming options. The groundbreaking application incorporates revenue generators such as pre-roll advertising and clickable horizontal banners.

Watch Live is a great example of our multi-platform expertise in speedy and efficient action.

“As the only UK broadcaster to screen the World Cup on mobile, this application offers advertisers a dynamic way to interact with viewers and puts ITV at the forefront of mobile VOD.” Ben McOwen Wilson, Director of Online and Interactive at ITV