Virgin Media selects Red Bee Media to design signature user interface for Virgin TV Anywhere


Red Bee Media has been chosen to provide design expertise & consultancy for the new Virgin TV Anywhere online service.

Virgin Media engaged Red Bee Media to assist with creating a signature user interface and user experience for the online component of Virgin TV Anywhere, with the aim of helping Virgin Media subscribers easily access live TV and on-demand wherever they are. The service is available through a web browser on any PC/Mac and includes integration with social media, viewer recommendations and content ratings.

With the full Virgin TV Anywhere service, subscribers will be able to take their Virgin TV service with them wherever they are online through a web browser or through a mobile/tablet app for iPad, iPhone and iPod, all at no extra cost. At launch, the service will offer around 45 channels for live streaming along with around 4,000 hours of video on-demand content.

Andy Bryant, Director, Creative, Red Bee Media, commented: “Pay TV subscribers now expect to be able to access their content, live or on-demand, in any location and via any device. This can present a challenge for platforms or broadcasters who need to ensure a consistent look and feel across all of their services. This formed a key part of our thinking when we designed a signature user interface for the online component of Virgin Media’s new Virgin TV Anywhere platform. It was vital that the user experience was seamlessly integrated into Virgin Media’s existing portfolio of services and for the social integration and content recommendations to be intuitive and easy to use. We were delighted to work with Virgin Media on the development of this service; we are proud to be a part of the team that has delivered such an exciting new offering to the market.”