Piero Makes Big Splash at NBC

Piero Diving NBC

Actually, a smaller splash is more distinctive. That is according to Piero's new 'Splash-o-Meter' effect developed in partnership with BBC R&D to enhance Olympics Diving coverage.

The first customer to run it through its paces was NBC Sports at their coverage of the USA Olympics Diving Trials in Seattle. Bruce Lynn and Steve Poynter (see photo below) tested the new splash-o-meter as well as applying a number of other more traditional Piero effects like the Time Lapse, Angle measurement, Magnifier and others to give new insights to this dramatic sport which all happens in an instant.

The initial reviews have been top scores…

"The latest is something called the "splash-o-meter.'' In diving, we are always hearing about how the smaller the splash is, the better the dive is. So, finally, NBC came up with a graphic that shows just how big the splashes are. NBC unveiled the technology for this past weekend's Olympic trials coverage, and you can be sure you will see a lot more of it during the London Olympics." - Tampa Bay Times


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