Subito captioning software

The Red Bee Media’s captioning platform Subito, is the spearhead of our captioning service and now you can gain direct access to it. Subito is an Enterprise-grade real-time captioning system with fully resilient secure server and database infrastructure. It can be used anywhere, at any time, with all captions being transmitted via resilient central servers, and stored in secure databases. We have worked with Nuance to fully integrate the Dragon Naturally Speaking API into Subito, meaning new Captioners quickly reach the highest levels of caption accuracy, reducing training times and increasing quality across the board.

Subito as a Service

Red Bee Media can now equip, train and support you in producing captions to fulfil the full range of regulatory requirements, irrespective of where your content is to be broadcast. Our captioning software and processes mean broadcasters can exceed regulatory obligations and viewer expectations for accuracy, uptime and delivery methods.


  • Market-leading minimal latency – full Dragon API integration to
    • minimise recognition delay
  • No show forgotten – automatic schedules
    • import and task creation/allocation
  • 100% accuracy for all prepared material
    • with full Newsroom Integration, with all
    • captions recorded against newsroom running
    • order structure for easy re-use
  • Centralised core system tracking status of
    • every channel and captioner
  • Designed to meet the most complex
    • regional broadcast configurations – global
    • seamless handover mechanisms – even midsentence
  • Full transcripts of all live shows with
    • comprehensive metadata, word level timing all
    • structured by programme – delivered as
    • traditional STL or EBU-TT
  • Language “policeman” – ensures
    • undesirable live content does not air prewatershed
  • Prevent losses before they occur – full suit
    • of dashboards and alerting systems