Complex and last-minute

Managed Dynamic Playout is dedicated to the playout of complex, regionalized channels that feature dynamic live events and include last-minute content and commercials. Our clients’ channels evolve regularly, as do their challenges. Because of our scale, we’re able to respond fast with effective, trusted and robust results.

Bespoke and dedicated

Delivering some of the most complex channels in the world, no level of complexity fazes our experts. We’ve built dedicated teams across our global hubs to ensure a consistently agile response to the evolving challenges presented by complex channels. We’ve also fine-tuned our infrastructure to make sure that each team is equipped to deliver the full range of Playout services, extending to the operation of the highest specification Media Control Rooms.

Launch and Transform

Why not use our Managed Dynamic Playout services to launch or transform a linear service to UHD and IP? Our expertise and continually updated technology ensures seamless channel creation or transformation, time after time.

Managed Dynamic Playout: Facts and Figures

  • Deliver over 300 linear channels worldwide—including some of the most complex in the industry (e.g., BBC1, ITV1, TV4 and TV5 Monde)
  • Delivered Europe’s first UHD channel (BT Sport)
  • Operate six dedicated delivery hubs complemented by cloud-based capabilities


Trust us to be there for the long haul, responding to your channels’ changing needs without letting up on delivery for an instant.


Our size and pedigree gives us the edge on smaller, specialist Playout operators. We invest in future-proof solutions, and can offer complex outsourcing agreements.


We manage Playout better than any other operator in the world. Operating across six of Red Bee Media’s secure and resilient hubs, this diversification affords unparalleled and ample options for disaster recovery, in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.