EPG Design & Development

The latest innovations in content discovery are changing the game.

Personalised, social and interactive, they’re enabling consumers to navigate a fast and ever-growing content landscape. They promise audiences a more effective discovery experience and also help content providers to better understand and engage with those audiences.

While the changing discovery landscape brings new possibilities, if the user experience is not considered and if the interface is not intuitive, then the impact is lost. RedDiscover™ offers EPG Development services for the design and build of rich EPG interfaces across multiple environments that work to support the character and values of the content provider’s brand.

RedDiscover™ from Red Bee Media comprises a portfolio of discovery solutions built around the needs of platforms and content owners. Tailored to the dynamics of TV and movie content, RedDiscover™ offers Rich Metadata, Search and Recommendations, EPG Design and Development, and Companion Applications that build audience rapport, broaden content consumption, and foster longer lasting relationships around the provider brand.

Learn more: Download the White Paper 'The Content Discovery Revolution'

Key Features

  • EPG build services for web, set-top box and native apps (console, tablet, smart phone & connected TV).
  • Incorporating Facebook overlay, check-in, remote record/control and social trending.
  • Modular extensions for search, recommendation and personalisation.
  • Designed and created by an in-house team of media specialists with more than 10 years’ experience in multi-platform user interface design.
  • Trusted and proven with iconic media brands.

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