High-quality translation and access services to ensure your content travels well and is enjoyed by as many viewers as possible.

To drive full value from your content you need it to go places; crossing many language and cultural boundaries on the way. So at Red Bee Media we offer a powerful mix of translation, re-versioning and access services to give your content that extra mileage. Our expertise attracts clients from the world of business, government and education as well as multiple media. With over 40 different languages at our disposal, we work across linear and web TV, DVD, music festivals, cinema and print. We provide multi-lingual subtitles (live and pre-produced), voice-overs and audio-description. We also write and translate the crucial multi-platform metadata that gets your content noticed on search engines. Of course, good translation requires huge cross-cultural knowledge and sensitivity and with over 25 years in the business, we’re confident we can rise to any challenge.

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