Multi-Platform Distribution

What’s the best way to deliver your content in a multi-platform world?

Multi-platform distribution is becoming increasingly important - not just for broadcasters but for a wide variety of brands. With a strong heritage in broadcasting, Red Bee Media is well placed to serve this dynamic market.

The range of device types, screen resolutions, functionality and platform requirements are highly diverse. But no matter where they are, viewers are demanding the content they love, delivered to their device of choice.

Our unmatched digital and multi-platform capabilities combined with innovation across an ever-changing distribution landscape ensures that your content is delivered on time and in the optimum format.


Media Management – Red Bee Media’s media management service has the expertise to transcode, repurpose, reversion and convert content to make it suitable for the variety of devices and screens available today.

Creative – Our award-winning creative team can advise and implement multi-platform identity and multi-platform promotion solutions across a variety of media and formats.

Online Video Platform - RedPlayer is a media grade end-to-end product set that allows broadcasters and content owners to supply high-quality IP (internet) delivered video to multiple devices in a secure and highly scalable manner.

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