The latest innovations in content discovery are game-changers.

Personalised, social and interactive, they’re enabling consumers to navigate a fast and ever-growing content landscape. They promise audiences a more effective discovery experience and also help content providers to better understand and engage with those audiences.

But as the sophistication of the discovery mix grows, so too do the challenges facing content owners and platforms; to design the connected, intuitive applications that meet client expectations; to source the rich datasets required to drive new presentation formats; to balance commercial needs with personalised content recommendations; and to preserve the power of the brand in content selection.

RedDiscover™ from Red Bee Media comprises a portfolio of discovery solutions built around the needs of platforms and content owners. Tailored to the dynamics of TV and movie content, RedDiscover™ offers Rich Metadata, Search and Recommendations, EPG Design and Development, and Companion Applications that build audience rapport, broaden content consumption, and foster longer lasting relationships around the provider brand.

Learn more: Download the White Paper 'The Content Discovery Revolution'

RedDiscover portfolio: Download the RedDiscover Datasheet

Key Features

  • Spanning the discovery value chain: An end- to- end portfolio, featuring; Rich Metadata (sourcing, build and EPG distribution), Search, Recommendation & Personalisation, EPG Development, and Companion Applications; delivered as modular or fully integrated solutions across fixed (set-top-box), mobile and online environments.
  • Socially powered: Broad integration of social media into the discovery mix, including Facebook overlay to the EPG, check-in, Twitter feed and trending.
  • Engaged across multiple screens: Design and build of multi-screen discovery applications, including online social EPG, and live synchronised Companion Applications, delivering unique interactive experiences.
  • Commercially focused: Detailed options for blending commercial and promotional goals within the recommendations mix – including campaign options around content type, time of day and targeted user groups, content prioritisation and weighting, sponsored links and editorial selection.
  • Built for media: Applications built around the specific dynamics of TV and Movie content – comprising Rich Metadata designed for optimal ‘discoverability’, universal search capabilities across linear and VoD, search categorisation by actor, genre, channel and availability, and recommendation results sensitive to ratings, repeats and multiple episodes.
  • Professionally packaged. Professionally delivered: A pre-packaged portfolio architecture, supported by a 24x7 service delivery business to ensure a smooth consumer experience.

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