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As the volume of content grows, so too does the need for more effective discovery tools.

Powered by the TV Genius Content Discovery Platform, RedDiscover offers search, recommendation, and personalisation tools that deliver a personally relevant experience to the consumer.

With a strong commercial focus, the solution offers detailed options for blending commercial and promotional goals within the recommendation mix – including campaign options around content type, prioritisation and weighting, time of day. targeted user groups, sponsored links and editorial selection.

The search and recommendation solution is social powered, and deeply integrates social media into the discovery mix- including Facebook overlay to the EPG, check-in, Twitter feed, trending and social analytics. Built for the media landscape, the solutions leverage a cloud-based open API, offering agile deployments and low up-front costs.

RedDiscover™ from Red Bee Media comprises a portfolio of discovery solutions built around the needs of platforms and content owners. Tailored to the dynamics of TV and movie content, RedDiscover™ offers Rich Metadata, Search and Recommendations, EPG Design and Development, and Companion Applications that build audience rapport, broaden content consumption, and foster longer lasting relationships around the provider brand.

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Universal Search Engine

Built around the dynamics of TV and video content, the RedDiscover search engine enables accurate search by keyword, genre, channel, actor and show title.

To optimise search results, the RedDiscover search engine uses robust metadata and unique algorithms that take multiple factors into account, including: relevancy algorithms, relative popularity, and linearity.

Key Features:
  • Search across live linear, VOD and catch-up TV
  • Search by keyword, title or category
  • Prioritisation according to a ranking algorithm
  • Prioritisation according to channel, time, or alphabetical order
  • Highlight of subtitled, audio described, sign language, and HD listings

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Recommendation Engine

The RedDiscover recommendation engine combines rich metadata with award-winning algorithms to offer viewers personalised recommendations.

Built from the ground up around TV and VOD content, the recommendation engine integrates multiple data sources and takes into account advanced business rules in order to offer the best content choices for each viewer.

To deliver the best results, the RedDiscover recommendation engine draws in a large number of rich metadata sources – including standard TV metadata, cast and crew, reviews from sites like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB, iTunes, and catch up data.

How Recommendations Are Made

RedDiscover offers a blend of ‘science and art’ to create the most personally relevant recommendations. The essence of this approach is to take a scientific approach to recommendation – utilising proven algorithms based on probability, usage histories and stated preferences – and fuse that with editorial expertise. It’s an approach that offers the best balance of science and experience.

Learn more: Download the White Paper 'An Integrated Approach to TV & VOD Recommendations'

Key Features
  • Recommendations based on a specific show being viewed
  • Active Recommendations based on users stated preferences
  • Passive recommendations based on recent activity or user profiling
  • Recommendations based on stated preferences of other users
  • Business rules allow promotion of specific types of content such as VoD or premium channels. The following business rules can be applied to the recommendations:
    • Time sensitive promotions based on the user’s profile or current context.
    • Promote individual shows, channels, or search terms.
    • Display as promoted items or include in the standard results.

Personalisation Engine

The personalisation engine delivers the best possible experience for the end viewer with full personalisation based on what the viewer says they want to see, and what the system learns about them as an individual.

Key Features
  • Personalised programme guide using search terms and favourite shows
  • Customisation of favourite channels
  • Inclusion of custom channels in email reminders
  • Notifications when the user adds and removes content from their personalised guide
  • Extended guide displaying the most popular shows within their network of friends

Social Engine

The RedDiscover Social Engine provides a basis to quickly and easily implement social TV solutions to help viewers find new, compelling TV and VOD content.

Chatting about TV is becoming an increasingly important part of the TV experience. Twitter and Facebook are rapidly evolving into natural companions for live TV. By integrating social TV solutions, TV is kept relevant and fresh, while reaching the elusive 18-24 year old bracket.

RedDiscover social TV solutions help TV operators leverage the cutting edge of TV technology and the social graph to help viewers discover new shows – and then get involved.

Key Features
  • Serve social TV recommendations based on friend activity and the social graph.
  • Alert viewers in real-time when a TV show creates buzz on Twitter.
  • Use Twitter to drive uptake of Video on Demand content.
  • Build Facebook apps that let users interact with their friends, play TV games, and receive personalised recommendations.
  • Tap into real-time social TV data to create bespoke solutions.

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