We created a new set of animated stings for the channel that’s ‘never afraid to try new things’.


Back in 2008 we launched a whole new look for BBC Three. Over the past five years, the channel’s output has evolved and, with it, we’ve been gradually updating the channel’s aesthetic. The pink is still there, but we’ve been injecting a fresher, younger look through a more stylised palette.


To create a new set of logo-based animations to complement the rest of the channel look.


Five new animated stings, tonally themed around the channel’s key output of Comedy/Entertainment and Factual.

Based on the theme of ‘Discovery’, the stings all start in a black space before the BBC Three logo bursts into life, filling the darkness with a visual display of personality and energy.

Working with BBC Three’s ambition to be ‘never afraid to try new things’, we used video mapping to project musically-driven animations onto a physical structure during which the BBC Three logo is discovered.