As joint venture partner with NBC to broadcast their Syfy and 13th Street channels across the Benelux territories, Chellomedia required a skilled and efficient compliance team to make their content fit for purpose.

The Challenge

Our team was briefed to spot and recommend the removal of anything that contravened OFCOM guidelines.

The Solution

To get the viewing files from Chello’s Amsterdam HQ we set up a dedicated FTP server. We receive a detailed breakdown of the services required for each title then we view and assess the content against its time slot in any given region. With the channel’s Angel most of the issues are violence related, with imitative acts, bullet entry wounds and the moments the humans change into vampires being of particular concern.

The Result

Our team’s knowledge of compliance ensures that everything from specific moments to overall narrative tone is appropriate for its slot. The team also looks after the insertion of commercial break points making sure that the viewers and regulators are always presented with appropriate content for the time of day.