D&AD White Pencil: Peace Baby

D&AD announce that Red Bee Media are selected as In Book winners for the first ever White Pencil.

The Challenge

The D&AD White Pencil is an initiative that was launched to galvanise the power of creativity to inspire positive change. The competition was open to every agency in the world, all with the same brief: to raise awareness of Global Truce Day on 21st September as an annual Peace Day. Over 90 agencies entered the prestigious inaugural competition with only eight making it into The Book. The judging panel included Lord David Puttnam, Dave Droga and Rosie Arnold. The judges were looking for a well produced original concept that demonstrated global potential.

The Solution

Our idea was to raise awareness by denoting every baby born on Global Truce Day as a Peace Baby. A beautifully crafted website enables newborns to be registered and the intention is that, over time, this community of very special babies will grow. Celebrities on Twitter who were also born on the 21st of September also helped to spread the word.

The Result

Red Bee Media were selected as one of only eight In Book winners. But more importantly, in just a few days we reached over 250,000 people and people are still talking about the campaign online. We hope next year will be even bigger.