We created a campaign to promote Sir David Attenborough’s passion project, which was debuting on the Eden channel.

The Challenge

Eden is the dedicated home of the best natural history and scientific programming in the UK. The channel makes viewers realise they live in a truly wondrous place by putting the spotlight firmly on the amazing wonders of our world. Simply put, Eden is a place that never stops wondering at our world.

David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities is a passion project for Sir David Attenborough and the show’s Executive Producer, Stephen Dunleavy: a show that they have always wanted to make. And with the help of Eden, they have been able to fulfill this dream. The series focuses on the creatures whose biology intrigues Sir David the most, including chameleons, giraffes and the platypus. Taking the viewer on an intimate journey through the oddities he’s observed in the natural world, this is a side of Attenborough you won’t see anywhere else on TV. Red Bee Media was tasked with bringing this to life in a warm and cherished manner, whilst at the same time communicating that this deeply personal adventure was to take place for the first time exclusively on Eden.

The Solution

In a fully integrated, multiplatform campaign, we delve into Sir David’s recollections of his lifelong passions and fascinations. The on-air execution, narrated by Sir David himself, takes us on an animated journey of what the series will entail as his notebook comes to life. Beautiful and detailed, the same design aesthetic is carried into our hand-illustrated press and digital executions.

We created a range of deliverables, including a 40” and 20” cutdown, a BEOP (Beginning End Of Pass, like a sting), two idents, a press ad and digital banners – all of which deliver on the objective that this new and exciting show is clearly owned by Eden, the home of the best in nature and science.

The Result

Adrian Wills, General Manager, Eden (UKTV) said: “Red Bee has done a great job of capturing the essence of Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities in all their creative work. They nailed the brief in terms of putting the talent front and centre, while also providing a true sense of the show’s content and tone. Their work is always eye-catching, but this particular campaign has been outstanding – particularly in the way its distinctive visual style grabs your attention.”