A public service children’s channel run by VRT in Belgium, Ketnet challenged us to shake up the traditional ident model.

The Challenge

To devise a creative route that established the Ketnet K as an iconic marque, while ensuring the brand had enough wiggle room to evolve and grow. Their absolute must-haves; a constantly refreshable brand package and integrated junctions.

The Solution

Our creative strategy was based on the solid and relevant positioning; familiarity with a twist. We then developed an integrated junction concept, flexible enough to take viewers on many journeys. It celebrated interaction, inviting them to send in their own drawings for on-air display.

The Result

No two junctions now feel the same. They can have a linear story, opening and closing with the hero K in the same adventure - or they can start and end in completely different places. What’s more, our solution gets viewers involved without compromising the quality of the channel output.