Rich Metadata for Microsoft Media Centre

Red Bee Media multilingual editors provide rich metadata in 23 languages for Microsoft's pan-European service.

The Challenge

The launch of Microsoft’s Media Centre in Europe required the creation of a European-wide EPG to enable users to get the full benefit from the service. The TV section is equipped with a TV Guide that can be searched and used to schedule recordings just like a dedicated PVR. Microsoft needed a metadata provider that covers the whole of Europe and was able to provide EPG listings and timing data in a variety of languages.

The Solution

Red Bee Media’s metadata platform was the basis of the solution we designed for Microsoft. It provides a tailored EPG that matches user location to platform and devices. We now produce in excess of 1,000 channels every day in 23 languages and deliver the data in a bespoke and consistent format to Microsoft for use across Europe.

The Result

Microsoft have a single source for all of their European EPG data, provided in multiple languages ready for distribution to the various territories. Delivered from a rich and well maintained database, the metadata platform is highly flexible and can quickly include or remove channels as the platform evolves. Our team continues to work with Microsoft as it further enhances the Media Centre platform.