Who we are

Every day, people on all continents watch television programs prepared, managed and broadcast by Red Bee Media staff. Every year, the business delivers more than 2.7 million hours of programming in more than 60 languages for nearly 500 TV channels. Its content discovery portfolio spans more than 10 million movies and program titles, covering over 25 languages, and includes an image database covering over 90 percent of all programming available across traditional TV, video on demand (VOD) and subscription video on demand (SVOD). It provides over 230,000 hours of captioning each year – more than 100,000 hours of which is live.

Our purpose

We enrich and ensure media experiences

Our brand positioning statement

For content providers who want high quality media experiences for their audiences, Red Bee Media is trusted to manage and transform complex, mission-critical services with superior expertise, leading technology platforms and passion.

Our values

Not what we do but how we behave.


We are experts in our field and always trusted to deliver to our clients and to each other

  • We act with uncompromising integrity, trustworthiness and transparency
  • We hold ourselves accountable. We do what we have promised, we don’t promise what we can’t deliver
  • We are fact based and performance focused


We promote and invest in scalable innovation

  • We drive continuous improvement with energy, skill and intelligence
  • We are always willing to challenge our current ways of working
  • We embrace new technology that can be integrated into our services


We pour our energy, heart and soul into our work, and expect others to do the same

  • We work as a team and we support and show each other appreciation, respect and compassion
  • We always strive for greatness
  • We are resilient and we play to win


Our Sustainability proposition.

Diversity and Inclusion

Red Bee Media is an equal opportunity employer, with a clear focus on embracing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace throughout the entire organization. In our Diversity and Inclusion forum we focus on making tangible positive changes towards increased diversity in all positions of the organization and raising awareness to eliminate unconscious bias.

Gender Pay Gap

Red Bee Media Gender Pay Gap Statistics.


Carl Mellander


Pelle Törnberg

Member of the Advisory Board

David Chance

Member of the Advisory Board

Åsa Tamsons

Member of the Advisory Board

Executive Management

Steve Nylund

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Andrén

Chief Operating Officer

Edward Odevall, Chief Financial Officer, Red Bee Media

Edward Odevall

Chief Financial Officer

David Travis

Chief Product & Technology Officer

James Arnold, Chief Commercial Officer, Red Bee Media

James Arnold

Chief Commercial Officer & Head of Business Area Access Services

Claire Allen

Chief Human Resources Officer

Margaret Davies

Head of Sales Enablement

Andy Bryant

Managing Director, Creative

Josbert Van Rooijen, Head of market Area Benelux, Eastern and Central Europe, Red Bee Media

Josbert Van Rooijen

Head of Market Area Benelux, Eastern and Central Europe

Stephane Grandvarlet

Head of Market Area Southern Europe

Madelene Gustavsson

Head of Business Area Content Discovery