A one-stop shop for high-quality analytical and statistical sports data

Red Bee Discover’s metadata portfolio now includes the comprehensive database of global sports data from STATS Perform, enabling you to deliver a next-level fan experience with highlights, score alerts and imagery from more than 4,000 leagues and competitions worldwide.

The Stats Perform sports data is easily  linked to any content and resource on the Red Bee platform, creating opportunities to efficiently display an immensely wide range of data points and statistics for your fans to engage with.



Thanks to the combined strengths of Red Bee Discover and Stats Perform, you can:

  • Add League and Team Graphics to sports content to improve the user experience
  • Bring attention to trending sports content in your application with analytics calling out high-stakes events

Additionally, there is a vast range of use-cases made possible by drawing from the Stats Perform data set to further improve your viewers’ sports experiences:

  • Scores Post - key match information that does not require to be updated live
  • Scores Live - live data that does not require match or seasonal statistics
  • Premium - live match statistics, seasonal statistics and rankings for teams and players
  • Premium Plus -match graphics using player data across every single match
  • Predictive & Analytics - advanced & unique graphics to pinpoint the key stories of each match

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