Engage your audience at home with Red Bee OTT

You might feel a million miles away from people right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with them through your live or on-demand video content.

Red Bee’s online streaming service could bring anything including government announcements, music or video productions, training courses, corporate communications or religious services directly to their devices, to watch in live or on demand.

And we don’t just provide a streaming service to other platforms. You get your own branded app that your audiences can subscribe to, so you can build a following.

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Give your audience something worth watching

Whatever your content, the video delivery within our streaming platform is completely secure and we can have everything up and running in minutes.

Plus, as your business evolves to engage your audience better, we’re flexible to support with your changing needs.

Best of all, it costs a lot less than you think:






Content access For everyone to watch without needing a subscription. Access only to people who’ve signed up as subscribers.
Viewing/subscriber allowance Up to 500 hours of content viewing across your audience Up to 100 active subscribers
(on a ’fair use’ basis including content viewing by those subscribers)
Live event distribution
(Up to 8 hours including support before and during event)
1 event 1 event
Video on demand upload 5 hours of upload per month 5 hours of upload per month
Video on demand storage Up to 100 hours of content Up to 100 hours of content
Users can also watch online via their browser
(Or broadcast to their TV using Chromecast and AirPlay on compatible browsers)
Yes Yes
Additional viewing time/ active subscribers
(Aggregated across your audience)
€0.002 per minute €2 per active subscriber
Additional live events
(Up to 8 hours including support before and during event)
€350 per event €350 per event
Additional video on demand upload €13 per hour €13 per hour
Additional video on demand storage €0.30 per hour €0.30 per hour
Android tablet and smartphone app
(One-off fee)
€500 €500
iOS tablet and smartphone app
(One-off fee)
€500 €500

We also offer a fully managed service, so if you’re looking for a bespoke solution, we can manage the service that is right for you.

To stay connected with your audience, fill in your details and we’ll be in touch.


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