Red Bee is making their global Media Gateway offering greener. By using renewable energy from wind farms to power the company’s facilities, Red Bee is taking further steps towards making their operations more environmentally sustainable. The Media Gateway is a carrier-neutral data center, located in the Media Park Hilversum, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The supplier of green energy is the Dutch company Eneco.

The Red Bee Media Gateway in Hilversum is a 1400 m2 colocation and connectivity data center servicing a large number of public and commercial broadcasters as well as other media and telecom companies. It also offers access to all Red Bee hubs and services around the world (including Playout, MCR and Distribution), all main data centers across Europe and direct connection to major carriers, telcos, ISPs and an ever-growing number of football stadiums, television studios and event locations.

"We are constantly looking to achieve increased sustainability in our business and operations. Data centers generally consume a lot of power and investing in green energy is a logical next step for us in increasing the sustainability of our Media Gateway and data center operations.”

Josbert van Rooijen Head of Market Area Benelux, Central & Eastern Europe , Red Bee

In the past few years Red Bee has made a number of investments in order to increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of the Media Gateway in Hilversum. A “free air” system is using outdoor air to cool the data center, while cold aisle containment is used to improve the airflow efficiency. Both of these steps have substantially decreased the energy consumed.

Red Bee is dedicated to increasing sustainability in the media industry. The company is certified according to ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Systems and was recently awarded the DPP’s “Committed to Sustainability” mark. In the Netherlands specifically, Red Bee is also participating in the MediaGroen consortium, which consists of companies in and around the Hilversum Media Park, working towards making the broadcasting and media industry environmentally, economically and socially more sustainable in a 5-year project.

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Press Release Red Bee Media Gateway Green Energy 2020 01 29 (NL)

Red Bee Media Gateway
Red Bee Media Gateway, located in the Media Park Hilversum, Netherlands

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