Red Bee Media, the global media services provider, is joining the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA). The Media Gateway data center in Hilversum, owned and operated by Red Bee, is the number one media hub in the Netherlands. Here the company delivers colocation and connectivity services while providing access to all Red Bee global hubs and related media services portfolios, as well as every main data center across Europe. With sustainability high on the agenda, Red Bee recently invested in green energy for the Media Gateway.

"Joining the DDA gives us a great platform to share knowledge and insights with other members and we are looking forward to contributing to best practices in data center management here in the Netherlands. We are proud to be managing the number one media-centric data center in the country, with access to global services and trough our DDA membership we hope to increase our visibility and showcase the strength in our offering.”

Jeroen de Kort Head of Data Center Services, Red Bee, the Netherlands

Red Bee is continuously making their data center operations more environmentally sustainable and recently the company started using green energy to power the Media Gateway. The DDA welcomes initiatives like this from their members as the organization is dedicated to increase sustainability and energy efficiency across the entire industry.

" We are very happy to announce Red Bee Media as new member of the Dutch Data Center Association. The recent news that Red Bee provides their Global Media Gateway with green energy is a great transition that the DDA strives for in all the participating data centers. We gladly support innovative organizations such as Red Bee and hope to collaborate with them on these sustainable matters in the future and work towards shared objectives.”

Stijn Grove Managing Director, DDA

The Red Bee Media Gateway in Hilversum is a 1400 m2 colocation and connectivity data center servicing a large number of public and commercial broadcasters as well as other media and telecom companies. It also offers access to all Red Bee hubs and services around the world (including Playout, MCR and Distribution), all main data centers across Europe and direct connection to major carriers, telcos, ISPs and an ever-growing number of football stadiums, television studios and event locations.

Persbericht in het Nederlands

Press Release – The DDA Welcomes Red Bee Media – 2020-02-18 (NL)

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