Our live events production services provide the technology and the expertise to ensure the best quality on the production and distribution of live events. We ensure your audio and video signal is registered and distributed on the best media quality to every screen not independent to its location.


Red Bee Media specialises in streaming video and supporting radio broadcasts with camera technology – visual radio. Our mobile video sets can be used at any location and for all types of programs. Remote controlled HD cameras allow the filming with a small crew, without being annoying for artists, guests and audiences. Then we transcode the images to any format to be consumed live on Youtube, Facebook or your own dedicated video stream, anywhere in the world.

Whether it is a panel discussion, talk show or concert registration, we bring your content in the best quality – from the field to the audience’s screen, the complete workflow in guaranteed top quality.


Red Bee Media has a wide experience in the field of radio and television playout and distribution, both linear and OTT. And we are bringing this experience into the production and distribution of live events. We have been providing radio technology for public and commercial radio stations and a wide range of live events such as well-known Dutch music festivals Pinkpop, Lowlands, Down The Rabbit Hole, Defqon.1 and large national charity events like Serious Request.


At Red Bee Media we work with modular technology so that all our services are interchangeable and can be customised according to the customer’s budget, requirements and needs. With five different mobile radio studios, each with their own format and specific advantages, we can actually work anywhere.


Thanks to our own uplink facilities, optical fiber connections and streaming technology, we can distribute your audio and video signal everywhere. At festival grounds we immediately arrange the internet connectivity for crew and audience.

We have direct connections with hundreds of content parties and exclusive access to the most important optical fiber connections, guaranteeing fast and secure distribution.