We package and deliver Video On Demand (VOD) content for a huge range of major nonlinear platforms and user devices. This includes gathering and delivering the full range of media and metadata; including still images, subtitles, audio tracks and previews. We stitch, transcode and deliver assets to the relevant destination services (e.g. OTT or IPTV).

Elastic capacity

Cloud-based capabilities give our Package and Deliver service the power to serve any volume or timeline imaginable. What’s more, our platform’s agility enables us to onboard new platforms/destinations quicker and more cost effectively than ever.


Our SLA-driven engine delivers content on time, every time.

Deliver: Facts and Figures

  • Deliver 300,000 hours of content per year to a number of platforms across the world
  • Handle over 12 petabytes of video storage
  • Support all common delivery formats for OTT, IPTV, playout or B2B workflows
  • Supports video, subtitles, audio, poster frames, etc.


With our straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing structure, crystal clear rate card and flexible commitment levels, you’ll only pay for what you need.


Total and open performance visibility comes thanks to our web service API and real-time progress reports.

Responsive and secure

Even if your content processing volume requirements are unpredictable, our cloud-based system offers a reliable burst capacity, as well as solid disaster recovery options.