Long and short term

Built around a web-service API and thin client, our Manage and Store facility comes with a guarantee of visibility and ease of access. The service can act both as a long-term content archive, as well as frequent-use content storage library.

Minimal risk

The combination of ongoing investment and strong encryption minimizes the twin risks of technology obsolescence and security breaches. Thanks to integrated workflows and a rich data model, both content retrieval and monetization are swift and effective.

Solid and safe

We are committed to managing and storing your content over the long term. Not only are we always ready for future technological developments, but we’re often the force behind them. Whatever happens next, your content is safe with us.

Manage: Facts and Figures

  • Handle over 12 petabytes of video storage
  • Storage spread over multiple countries and the public cloud for redundancy purposes
  • Global high-speed WAN for site interconnectivity
  • Manage a variety of content from high-res video to subtitles, audio files, images/poster frames and PDFs


Handling over 12 petabytes of video storage, the sheer scale of our Manage and Store facility enables us to deliver unparalleled economies.


You no longer have to worry about scaling issues, and we’ll make it easy for you to repurpose or monetize archival content.


Solve your legacy content archive challenges and trust our secure back-up solutions. With cloud-based content storage, our Manage and Store facility expands to fit your evolving needs.