For any screen and any region

We prepare and localize content for any screen or regional variation. To help you drive engagement and retention, we also prepare compelling “promos” from your source material. As part of the preparation service, we edit and create required versions of any content, making it suitable to different regions, screens or compliance requirements. Finally, we add compelling and accurate captions or dubbing, and execute any placements or amendments for commercial breaks.

Streamlined and elastic

Our streamlined and automated processes are supported by specialist resources to ensure consistently high quality and efficient output. Elastic capacity for virtually any volume or timeline comes thanks to our robust cloud-based capabilities. Our preparation services are phenomenally fast, so we’re always able to adapt to meet your particular timeline and workload.


Red Bee Media’s industry-leading experience in encryption means we’re uniquely placed to guarantee your content’s safety as the TV and Media industry makes the transition to full IT.

Preparation: Facts and Figures

  • 300,000 assets ingested per annum
  • 200,000 hours of incoming content handled per annum
  • Some of the most trusted media brands trust us with their content
  • 7 globally networked processing hubs, underpinned by a cloud-based processing platform


With our straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing structure, crystal clear rate card and flexible commitment levels, you’ll only pay for what you need.

Diversity of content

We’ll make it easy for you to publish to an increasing number of screens and platforms. Handling multiple language or multiregional content will be smooth and straightforward.


The world’s most solid media brands trust Red Bee Media to ingest 300,000 assets and 200,000 hours of incoming content every single year.