PIERO Broadcast

In-game graphics for broadcast sports productions.

  • Single desktop PC
  • SDI and file mode
  • All sports
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Piero Studio AR

In-studio augmented reality graphics for sports productions.

  • Single desktop PC
  • SDI and file mode
  • Football and baseball
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Piero Club

Tactical visuals for coach and video analysts.

  • Laptop
  • File mode
  • All sports
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Enhancing sports content since 2004

PIERO uses image recognition and state-of-the-art graphic overlays to augment sports content with visually engaging and informative effects. We built PIERO on a proprietary line and texture tracking algorithm, co-developed by BBC Research in 2004 – making it the first graphics software of its type. Years later, working closely with our customers, we have made PIERO an indispensable tool for visualisation of event and XY data.

Simple and efficient

More than 50 global broadcasters already use Red Bee Media’s PIERO for their sport graphics and analysis, praising it consistently for its fast and intuitive operation. PIERO’s simple installation and efficient workflows mean that it’s cost effective and easy to integrate with your existing operations.

Premium possibilities

As well as enlivening existing sports content, PIERO opens up brand new possibilities for developing (and selling) premium content. Whether you’re focused on live productions, highlights shows, or anything in between, your pundits can leverage PIERO to build richer stories, with an unprecedented effect on viewer acquisition and retention.

Piero Sports Graphics: Facts and Figures:

  • Used by over 50 broadcast customers around the world
  • Deployed for critical, high value events, including the Olympics and Soccer World Cup
  • Used by over 20 sports clubs for detailed performance analysis


PIERO supports a wide variety of team sports, from football and tennis to hurling and handball.


American Football

Aussie Rules Football



Ice Hockey






Motor Racing

Premium Modules

Piero premium modules provide additional opportunities for broadcasters and sports content owners to create more engaging and informative sports content.

Football Data Visualisation

The Opta visualisation module fetches game data and renders them using PIERO graphics. The module has access to years of global data is easily filtered by league, game and player.

In 2018 support for XY data pushed data visualisation one step beyond, allowing accurate heat-map creation and speeding-up tracking for players in and out of the frame.

Baseball Data Visualisation

The STATS module has full access to the STATS baseball feed and can create a range of informative visualizations. Data is easily filtered by date, game and player. View the graphics in either real or virtual settings.

Touch Screen and iPad

The touch screen module provides a simplified way of using PIERO graphics to support analysts during live productions or sketching effects in advance. The interface is fully customisable and can lend itself to screens big and small,  TV studio and sport club locker room.


Ericsson has collaborated with Electronic Arts to use their latest video game graphics in PIERO. With EA’s external renderer, PIERO effects can be built using their sophisticated player models and realistic virtual stadiums.

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