The Red Bee Discover team ensures that consumers enjoy rich content presented in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. This comes in the form of metadata.


Superior TV metadata fuels content discovery and serves as the backbone for an enriched user experience, whether through simple linear listings, complex EPGs or multifaceted OTT interfaces.

TV and entertainment metadata is the in-depth, descriptive information about programming including listings/schedules, the program title, synopsis, episodic descriptions, cast, genre, release date, airing details, associated imagery and more.

Driving Value

Red Bee’s deep and accurate metadata and image libraries allow customers to build very rich, highly differentiated discovery experiences. Excellent coverage of links to OTT, VoD and xVoD plus integrated content recommendations deliver wider choices, higher consumption and greater satisfaction.

Global datasets and broad multilingual support provides a “one-stop shop” for multi-region/territory operators. Experience in structuring large, multi-platform agreements provides a basis for smoother business engagement.

  • Differentiated service
    Persistent/unified ID system
    Provides the highest level of data integrity and flexibility, seamless cross-platform configuration and universal search. Allowing you to quickly address industry changes without complicated modifications.
  • Trusted by customers
    Our long-standing customer relationships and consistent renewal base shows our success in this market.
  • Single API Offering
    Our Content Discovery Ecosystem allows you to avoid convoluted entanglements and complex licensing agreements
  • A true-end-to-end solution
    Pre-integrated with multiple system operators such as MediaKind, Innovative Systems, XRoadMedia and others with the capability to support other proprietary systems.