Red Bee Media Gateway – The Real Home of Content

The Red Bee Media Gateway in Hilversum Mediapark, close to Amsterdam is a 1400 m2 colocation and connectivity data center, enabling public and commercial broadcasters as well as media and telecom companies to connect with their audiences and with each other.

It also offers access to all Red Bee hubs and services around the world (including Playout, MCR and Distribution), all main data centers across Europe and direct connection to major carriers, telcos, ISPs and an ever-growing number of football stadiums, television studios and event locations.

Opened in 2001, the Red Bee Media Gateway was the first commercial carrier-neutral datacenter in the Hilversum Mediapark, with ambitions to become the broadcast media hub of Northern Europe.

Red Bee's datacenter based in Hilversum Media Park, Netherlands.
Red Bee's datacenter based in Hilversum Media Park, Netherlands.

Powering connections

Our state-of-the-art datacenter is directly connected to all major carriers, telcos and ISPs, and a growing number of football stadiums, TV studios and event locations.

Being carrier neutral-means we can offer Red Bee’s managed services (including Global MCR, Global Wide Area network, Playout, Media Management, Managed OTT and Channel Store) to third party companies securely and reliably, along with access to all Red Bee Media hubs across our global network and the main datacenters in Europe.

And to keep setting the trend in data centre management, we joined the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) in early 2020, giving us a great platform to share knowledge and insights with other members.

Sustainable data storage and streaming

Cutting edge media delivery demands a fair amount of energy, so in recent years, we’ve been taking huge steps towards greener operations, by using renewable energy from wind farms to power our facilities.

We carry ISO 14001:2015 certification for Environmental Management Systems and have recently been awarded the Digital Production Partnership’s “Committed to Sustainability” mark, which aligns with our commitment to increasing sustainability across the media industry as a whole.

We’re also a member of the MediaGroen consortium, working towards making the broadcasting and media industry environmentally, economically and socially more sustainable.

Want to house your data in the Media Gateway?

With cold aisle, full-rack, half-rack configurations and more than 1400m2 of space across shared rooms, private rooms and cages, we’ve got plenty of room for you.

And since our datacenter meets all modern requirements for power, emergency-power supply, cooling, security and connectivity, you can relax knowing your data is in the safest possible place.

The Media Gateway in numbers

Located +3m NAP above sea level
3 x 2N redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) feeds (6 units)
A UPS-battery time of up to 15 minutes at full load
Backed up with a N+1 power redundancy provided by three 950 kW generator sets
Air-conditioning system with cooling, humidity and de-humidification control
3 proprietary chillers and 3 dry coolers, with N+1 cooling redundancy