By 2015, one million minutes of video will be watched online every second. And as online video becomes more prevalent, consumers have come to expect the online experience to meet the media grade - with highly discoverable content that’s broadcast-quality and supported by a rich user experience.

It’s a requirement mix that has driven the growth of more mature and media-focused online video platform (OVP) solutions. Such solutions also need to offer a blend of high quality and professional monetisation features, with cost effective and agile options for solution delivery.

RedPlayer is a media grade end-to-end portfolio that allows broadcasters and content owners to supply high-quality IP delivered video to multiple devices in a secure and highly scalable manner. Fusing our media management and creative skills with best-of-breed video technologies, it’s a solution that’s trusted by the world’s leading broadcasters, studios and content owners.

Key Features:

  • Multi-device distribution: A flexible distribution model capable of serving PCs, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, and gaming consoles.
  • Flexible, fast and scalable media grade management: High capacity file delivery support through our Media Gateway and multi-format tape and disk ingest facilities. Red Player also incorporates media grade storage and rapid multi-format transcoding capabilities.
  • Media grade content protection: Ensuring full support for major content protection technologies such as Microsoft PlayReady, RedPlayer can also support additional innovative technologies such as digital watermarking, ensuring content is both protected and traceable.
  • Content discovery services: Tailored to the dynamics of TV and movie content, the RedDiscover™ portfolio offers rich metadata, search and recommendations, and EPG design and development services.

Solution Partners

To deliver RedPlayer as a media grade, next generation solution, we’ve created a number of solution partnerships including:
  • Cisco: RedPlayer™ utilises the Cisco Videoscape Media Suite platform
  • Akmai: RedPlayer™ offers pre-integration with Akamai for assured, high quality content delivery
  • 24/7 Real Media: RedPlayer™ integrates a hosted ad-server based on the industry-leading 24/7 Real Media Open Ad-stream application

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