Green bee is a positive, collaborative framework for challenging our environmental impact, for the benefit of our teams, our customers and our industry as a whole.

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As an international company, we have a responsibility to critically reflect on our impact on the environment and constantly explore how to make our operations more sustainable.
In order to do so we created Green Bee – a company-wide initiative to build internal awareness about the environmental impact we have as a business, and create lasting change.

Green Bee is part of our overall Environmental Management System (EMS) and includes representatives in all our offices around the world.

Green Bee started in 2018 and is governed as a program. It is steered by a core team of four program heads, led by Red Bee’s CFO. Every Red Bee site has a dedicated local representative from diverse teams in Red Bee, encouraging engagement at all levels of the business. The entire Green Bee team works to support Green Bee alongside their regular jobs in the company and meets regularly to share ideas and promote new company-wide sustainability initiatives. Previous initiatives include a global employee commuting survey, the Plastic-Free Challenge and an annual Green Bee Week with daily events for staff members.

As of June 2020, Red Bee is a main sponsor of the DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme.

Red Bee has the following certifications

  • ISO 14001 through alignment with Ericsson Group Management System (EGMS)
  • DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme with a 4/5 overall score

We have set clear and measurable targets for 2020 based on three categories: Sites, People and Partners.

1. Our Sites

  • Increase the proportion of Red Bee facilities using renewable energy
  • Reduce global energy usage, waste and travel year-on-year
  • Identify local sustainability initiatives for every Red Bee site (previous initiatives include removal of all plastic cups from Red Bee sites and establishing dedicated recycling points)

2. Our People

  • Increase awareness of sustainable work habits, in the office and at home
  • Increase awareness and use of green commuting options
  • Increase staff participation in Green volunteering activities

3. Our Partners

  • Increase environmental management collaborations with key customers, suppliers and partners
  • Establish collaboration with a green charity or sustainability initiative