What is Playout?

Playout is the technology used in broadcasting to effectively transmit media content to target audiences. This can be done in a number of ways, such as Playout Services which provides a fast and reliable way for content creators to connect to their audiences through various platforms. Playout Services also allow users to access multiple broadcasting channels, streaming their content to mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Create television channels and distribute your content globally by benefitting from our industry-leading expertise in high-quality linear playout and channel origination.

Ease of Scale
Playout Operational expertise
Deliver highly complex live channels
Flexibility to host one-off live events

Managed Playout

  • Designed for complex, regionalized channels
  • Features dynamic live events with fast-changing content and commercials, or thematic channels with pre-recorded content
  • Fully Managed Playout Services for the creation of Linear Television Channels
  • Designed for global thematic channels and high-end complex, regionalised channels
  • Highly experienced Playout operational teams
  • Playout service delivery from UK, Europe, Nordics and the Middle East to suit channel licencing needs
  • Capable of dealing with dynamic live events with fast-changing content and commercials, or thematic channels with pre-recorded content.

Media-centric Private Cloud

Managed Playout products are hosted by the media-centric private cloud. This software-only, fully uncompressed IP video makes full use of:

  • 100% uncompressed IP streams for the highest quality and lowest end-to-end latency 100% software deployment of the entire technology stack
  • Zero single task appliances, dongles or PCI cards
  • Automated deployment of new channels or features
  • Playout enables agile service delivery and flexible contract terms
Channel features include:
  • HD channel operation
  • SD simulcast of existing HD Channel
  • Clean feed of HD channel
  • Regional lists
  • Plus 1 delay
  • Dolby Encode / Decode / Upmix
  • Multi-language support
  • File-based and Live subtitling insertion
  • Advanced 2D and 3D graphics
  • Signalling for downstream triggering
  • Real-time schedule services

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Over 500 channels broadcast from 6 international Playout hubs

11,000 live events per year

51 highly reactive channels

Europe’s first UHD live sports channel


Access Services

Make your content accessible to bigger audiences with live and pre-recorded captioning, sign-language translation and audio descriptions.

Content Discovery

Give your audiences the ability to find and enjoy the perfect content, with a minimum of effort and time spent searching for something to watch.


Reach audiences all across the globe through our industry leading distribution network.

Live & Remote Production

Increase your reach and captivate a bigger audience with by broadcasting and streaming your event live.

Media Management

Enrich and manage your content while connecting it to audiences anywhere in the world.


Launch your own branded streaming service on our secure white label OTT platform.


Create TV channels by benefitting from our industry-leading expertise in high-quality linear playout and channel origination.

Post Production

Make your content shine by getting it into the best shape possible before broadcasting or streaming.