At Red Bee we have established a Global Diversity & Inclusion Forum, with representatives from all our markets and business areas. The main purpose of the forum is to work towards making Red Bee a more diverse and inclusive workplace, where we as an organization reflect the world that we do business in and with.

In addition to this purpose we have developed a framework with objectives related to Gender, Age, Disability, LGBTQ+ and Ethnicity & Religion, that the forum will work towards fulfilling.

Red Bee Gender Pay Gap Statement 2020
Red Bee Gender Pay Gap Statement 2019
Red Bee Gender Pay Gap Statement 2018
Red Bee Gender Pay Gap Statement 2017

1. Purpose

  • We aim to be a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our diversity as an organization should reflect the world that we do business in and with.
  • We create a culture where difference is embraced and equality, diversity and inclusion are deeply coded in our values.
  • We treat everyone fairly, with equality and respect.
  • We prioritize competence and performance, value different opinions, promote healthy discussions & work as a team to ensure our core values.

2. D&I Objectives

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Disability
  • LGBTQ+
  • Ethnicity Religion

3. Voices & Forum

  • To be able to benefit from being a diverse and multi-national workplace, we strive for global and local inclusion, aiming towards a broad representation of voices in decision making and in executive forums.
  • The Red Bee Media Diversity & Inclusion forum works towards increasing awareness and the elimination of unconscious bias, promotes the benefits of diversity and inclusion and proactively encourages initiatives that increase diversity and inclusion in the organization.

4. Benefits

  • Better Workplace
  • Improved Creativity & innovation
  • Stronger Brand
  • Better Financial Performance