Providing equal accessibility to content for all viewers is a growing international legal requirement and vital for successful and progressive brands. Red Bee Access offers the highest quality and accuracy for multi-language accessibility in real-time using both human and machine-based options. Across closed captioning, subtitles, sign language and audio description, our in-house platforms and international teams have processed over a million hours of broadcast content with unrivaled resilience and reliability.

Wider Audience Engagement
Guarantee Regulatory Compliance


We add human driven closed captions to live or pre-recorded content in multiple languages to help extend reach and engagement while satisfying increasing regulatory requirements.

  • LIVE
    We provide the highest quality human-driven live closed captions, wherever and whenever needed.
  • FILE
    Our pre-recorded captioning is available across multiple languages with the highest accuracy through automation and expert captioners.


We also have an automatic solution for live captioning

ARC (Automatic Real-Time Captioning)
We automate real-time content captioning, offering best in class accuracy to deliver cost efficient accessibility while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Our subtitling and translation services increase audience access to your content, making it accessible in more countries.


We provide accurate sign language and engaging in-vision translation for viewers to access content in their native language.


We provide audio commentary soundtracks to describe video content across broadcast, OTT, Blu-ray, and films in multiple languages.

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Red Bee Connect streamlines the delivery of your live signals and linear workflows from any source to audiences watching on any platform worldwide.

Red Bee Access ensures audiences can enjoy live and recorded content on any platform through real-time text-based, sign language and audio description accessibility.

Red Bee Play streamlines the real-time flow of live and stored content to create and deliver linear channels for any platform.

With Red Bee Reach, your content is professionally prepared and made available on the platforms and devices your global audiences value with the quality they demand.

Red Bee Discover delivers accurate, informative, and rich textual metadata and imagery for engaging and personalised viewing experiences across any platform

Red Bee Pulse gives broadcasters, brands, publishers, and rights-holders the speed, scale and quality needed to deliver successful OTT services, helping you reach and grow your audiences while monetising your media assets.