What is OTT?

OTT Platforms are designed to efficiently stream content “Over the Top” of other media platforms. Providers of an OTT platform help to deliver faster and more effective streaming services, often to multiple devices, providing consumers with an enhanced media experience. For example, an OTT Platform improves live streaming quality for broadcasters, and comes with integrated up-to-date features such as subscriptions or pay-per-view. You can find more information about OTT Platforms below.

What OTT Services Can Do For You

Launch a destination for your viewers with your own branded broadcast-quality streaming service. Access an OTT Platform with exciting branded experience.
Reach bigger audiences and deliver content from anywhere to anyone using our secure, white-label OTT platform with low latency live streaming capabilities.
Monetize your content with a variety of payment forms. Enable Subscription video-on-demand, giving your consumers the option of paid subscription access.
High quality streaming platform with powerful capabilities. Own your customer data and find ways to maximise the potential of your streaming service.

Award-winning low latency

Red Bee OTT Awards

The Self-Service OTT Solution

  • Our core feature set in a standardised offering
  • Create and launch a service more quickly than you thought possible
  • An intuitive, web-based OTT service management console
  • Subscription, pay-per-view or free-to-watch models
  • White label applications for web, iOS and Android

The Managed OTT Solution

  • An enterprise-class service used by major telcos, content owners and broadcasters
  • OTT Solution management that includes additional Red Bee services and third party systems
  • An OTT platform tailored for performance in your highest priority markets
  • Integration support for your preferred web and application developers
  • Dedicated live content monitoring via our Global Service Centre

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Live delivery of content to consumer devices
  • A broadcast media-grade experience under agreed SLAs including global HTTP and HTTPS Caching, IPTV and OTT, and mobile devices
  • We only work with high-quality global CDN providers
  • End-to-end monitoring of customers’ media workflow via our global services team
  • A consistently high quality of service and consumer experience management
  • We pass on significant reseller discounts to our customers

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Over 115 channels streamed from Red Bee’s managed OTT Platform

Over 20,000 hours of live programming played via OTT every week

Over 210,000 VoD assets uploaded to the OTT service

Over 1.7 million subscribers actively use OTT every month


Access Services

Make your content accessible to bigger audiences with live and pre-recorded captioning, sign-language translation and audio descriptions.

Content Discovery

Give your audiences the ability to find and enjoy the perfect content, with a minimum of effort and time spent searching for something to watch.


Reach audiences all across the globe through our industry leading distribution network.

Live & Remote Production

Increase your reach and captivate a bigger audience with by broadcasting and streaming your event live.

Media Management

Enrich and manage your content while connecting it to audiences anywhere in the world.


Launch your own branded streaming service on our secure white label OTT platform.


Create TV channels by benefitting from our industry-leading expertise in high-quality linear playout and channel origination.

Post Production

Make your content shine by getting it into the best shape possible before broadcasting or streaming.