Media Management Services: An agile approach

05 Sep, 2018

Landscape Media organisations face many challenges to remain competitive and relevant – in a fast-changing world. There is an increasing demand for more content and new services from a diverse,…

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5G: What does it mean for Playout?

13 Mar, 2018

There has been a lot of talk at Mobile World Congress this week about 5G and the myriad of applications that high bandwidth, low latency radio networks will allow. The…

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The Content King is Dead…..Long Live the Content King!

20 Feb, 2018

The UK Broadcast Awards at London’s Grosvenor House Ballroom is an annual “black-tie affair” and always eagerly anticipated by broadcasters, production companies and commercial partners alike. I was lucky enough…

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The battle between content and discovery continues

10 Oct, 2017

During the week, I was sent a comical video to watch which depicted zombie-like humans in various scenarios being guided through their daily life by ‘hired help’, as they were…

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Why collaboration is key to unlocking content discovery

12 Sep, 2017

OTT, on-demand and TV Everywhere services are expanding the very definition of TV, creating a highly competitive and diverse media landscape which is helping to change consumer expectations forever. Access…

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How merged reality will transform the media experience

29 Aug, 2017

This summer, Ericsson ConsumerLab released its very first edition of the Merged Reality report. This report provides an insight into how consumers believe Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)…

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How the eSports Surge Could Impact Millennial TV Viewership

01 Aug, 2017

Playing against and watching others battle in online gaming tournaments has attracted a lot of attention in recent months. Investors, such as music producer Steve Aoki, are dubbing this new…

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The future’s bright, the future’s HDR

20 Jun, 2017

Earlier this month, along with other industry partners and our customer BT Sport, we produced a live linear broadcast of the UEFA Champions League final in 4K and High Dynamic…

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Building the next generation TV experience

09 May, 2017

The way people consume TV content is changing, pushed by new behaviors and enabled by new technologies. TV viewing is no longer bound by location, time of day or a…

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Transformation of Television

26 Apr, 2017

The convergence of telecoms, IT and media is helping to shape and change everything we see around us, influencing how we interconnect, capture, distribute and access content. OTT, on-demand and…

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