Sony video camera

Red Bee Media demonstrates 4K Workflow at IBC 2018

14 Sep, 2018

At IBC 2018, Red Bee Media will be demonstrating how we, in a unique way, can bring together the drama of live events, our broadcast grade MCR for remote production…

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Esports players

Why eSports is the next big thing?

20 Jun, 2018

According to the latest eSports market report (yes, this new-born business already has its own market report!), the eSport business estimates to make almost $1.5 billion by 2020, with a total…

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Repainting the lines: the art of automobile marketing

Repainting the lines: the art of automobile marketing

03 Oct, 2017

I have been a closet fan of Will Gompertz, the BBC arts editor, for some time now. So I was lucky to be able to see him talk, in all…

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City at night - 7 more things non-media brands can learn from entertainment marketing

7 more things non-media brands can learn from entertainment marketing

04 Jul, 2017

Back in March I shared 9 lessons for brands outside the media sector from the PromaxBDA Europe event. (PromaxBDA is the global community of marketers and creative people working in entertainment). Well, last month, the…

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Cannes Lions Internation Festival of Creativity logo

The sand is shifting at Cannes: what can we learn from the new players on the Croisette?

27 Jun, 2017

There’s been a lot of talk about how Cannes has changed and how tech companies have taken over the Croisette: as if they are trespassing on someone else’s territory. But…

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TV advertising: the new El Dorado?

25 Apr, 2017

The common media wisdom “content is king” to attract a large audience has shifted to “audience is king”: content is crafted to address a specific target audience. Data and viewership…

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IBC 2016 – What Can We Expect?

06 Sep, 2016

  It’s that time of the year again, when the broadcast industry makes its annual visit to IBC, swapping the indoor canals of Las Vegas for the outdoor variety in…

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Reaping the Benefits of Virtualised Playout

30 Aug, 2016

The virtualisation of the playout technology stack is a natural continuation of the technology evolution we’ve witnessed over the last decade. As an industry we’ve moved from using discrete single…

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20 lessons from the tv brand builders – part 2

05 Jul, 2016

In our last post we summarized the first 6 of 20 key points from our new book The TV Brand Builders: How to win audiences and influence viewers, based on…

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#HumanVsBot Part Two: Underpant Shame vs the Human Touch

07 Jun, 2016

Humans are irrational, chaotic and sometimes hung over. Robots are ordered, rule following. Most of us are spending more time on screens than we do sleeping. Real human interaction between…

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#HumanVsBot Part One: March of the Bots

31 May, 2016

We’ve historically had a bit of a love hate relationship with robots and AI: Terminator (petrifying – when you’re eight), WALL-E (adorable), Channel 4’s Humans (whose side are they on…

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Voice over recording

Just Say What You…Hear

17 May, 2016

Live subtitling. Not rocket science. Just transcribe what they say on the telly so that it appears as subtitles. Right? Well, yes and no. For a start, most live subtitling…

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Let’s talk about data again… and sports

10 May, 2016

There are many theories about the origins of competitive sports. According to some records, the Chinese “cuju” is the earliest form of football. It dates from the third and second…

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Taking a cue from subtitling

03 May, 2016

In 1967, the documentary Don’t Look Back began with a now-iconic take of Bob Dylan, sound tracked by his own “Subterranean Homesick Blues”.  Standing in an alleyway, Dylan holds a…

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NAB 2016 – it’s a wrap!

26 Apr, 2016

As NAB 2016 wraps up and the tired masses depart Las Vegas for another year, here are some of the key trends that captured my attention during this year’s show….

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NAB 2016 – what can we expect?

12 Apr, 2016

It’s NAB time again, and the great and the good from the global broadcast industry descend on Las Vegas to showcase their wares and discuss the future of the industry….

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20 Lessons from the TV Brand Builders – Part 1

05 Apr, 2016

At last month’s PromaxBDA Europe conference in Barcelona we were invited to summarize 20 key points from our new book The TV Brand Builders: How to win audiences and influence…

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Will the IoT change how we watch TV?

15 Mar, 2016

There has been much discussion of late about the imminent arrival of a new class of internet citizen – the Things. The Internet of People, that we all know and…

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Captioning live events like Mobile World Congress

08 Mar, 2016

This year over 100,000 attendees from 204 different countries came to the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry – Mobile World Congress – in Barcelona to see cutting-edge products…

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Realising the power of the Fantastic Four – Part 2

01 Mar, 2016

It’s no secret that the big players in the Telco world are making significant moves into the TV industry – with some notable successes already under their belts. It’s easy…

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