Red Bee designed, built and transitioned complex linear and non-linear services from Channel 4’s in-house operation to our own facility – a project which included the dual running and migration of on-air channels to a completely new technology infrastructure and operational model.

We have helped to grow the audience of Channel 4 by increasing the number of channels and services from 4 to 12 channels (with 64 variants) and taking Channel 4 into the non-linear space through delivery of content on 20 nonlinear platforms.

The Challenge

Transition without downtime

  • Focus on audiences and core business (producing and acquiring content, building brands)
  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Migrate and transition broadcast operations without disruption

The Solution

Fully managed Service

  • Migrate to new site, establish new technology infrastructure and distribution architecture
  • Offer Post Production, Media Management, QC/compliance, Playout and Access services
  • Manage twenty different streaming platforms for 4oD

The Results

More channels and platforms lead to bigger audiences

  • The transition from in-house to out-sourcing is achieved without downtime
  • The number of channels is increased: from four to 12, incorporating 64 variants and services, e.g. second screen
  • Workflows become streamlined and efficient, enhancing file-based activity and increasing agility by launching new services