At Red Bee Media we are always seeking ways to gain productivity and improve the quality of our services. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is often a popular part of the conversation. This article provides a high-level overview of best practices and relevant concepts to benefit from RPA.

RPA is the automation of business processes traditionally done by humans through the deployment of innovative technologies. Solutions are often achieved with software robots and best applied to rules-based, predictable or repetitive activities offering great potential for efficiency.


Robotic automation of business processes can, through its transformative nature, provide a competitive edge to an organisation. With optimisation of operational workflows, the reduction and avoidance of cost usually being the two most popular key drivers. Other prominent adoption drivers include: faster time-to-value, revenue growth, improved customer experience, better governance, support remediation and transformation.


Suitable business processes for automation have certain characteristics that can make them valid candidates for RPA. Here are some of the characteristics that can help you identifying those processes:


While RPA offers great potential for efficiency, organisations often fail getting beyond the early stages. Studies show that the most common reasons for failure in the beginning are the lack of support for the RPA initiative, as well as complexities and potential production deployment risks not being properly communicated. Which can lead to delays, difficulties when trying to scale up and put the entire initiative at risk as benefits are usually only meaningful to the organisation when properly scaled up. How can organisations avoid these circumstances and get the most value from their RPA investment?


As with many projects that result in change and affect people’s existing ways of working, there will probably be some challenges. Some of the common challenges are:

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Written by Olcay Buyan, Technical Product Manager Lead Content Discovery