Captioning Can’t Be Fully Automated

Why Captioning Can’t Be Fully Automated

23 May, 2017

You may have heard the headlines — “We’ve reached human parity” (Microsoft, October 16) as they reach an accuracy of over 94%; Google openly planning to compete with Dragon developers…

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Man smiling whilst watching content

Catching up with captions

21 Feb, 2017

As the Digital Economy Bill reaches the latter stages of the UK Parliamentary process before it achieves Royal Assent and passes into law, it looks highly likely to include an…

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My own, personal TV channel…?

19 Jul, 2016

Up to now, the focus of organisations keen to move their video content online and into a form that’s portable and consumable on the average handset has been to present…

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How captions can drive content discovery

03 Mar, 2015

We’re all broadcasters now – if we want to be. The revolution has happened and now anyone with the right connected device can create and distribute content. The number of…

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