Whether your newspaper is a family-owned business or part of a group with hundreds of newspapers, Red Bee understands your passion to serve your local community. We have decades of experience helping newspapers like yours to inform, entertain and serve millions of people through printed news and assist them with their transformation to remain relevant and competitive.

Red Bee delivers television listings and feature content that can enrich your publication with accurate and relevant information, using the latest technology to enhance your readers’ experience and give you the edge that you need to win their loyalty.


Red Bee provides television listings in a variety of styles.

Listings can be formatted in traditional grids of stations and times, and customized to provide the format, size and content that best suits your publication’s needs.

Listings can also be provided in text form, such as alphabetical or chronological listings of movies, sports, cooking shows, talk shows, home and garden shows, or the day’s highlights. These listings can be delivered as unformatted text or come pre-formatted and ready to be inserted in your publication’s pages.


Red Bee offers the best editorial content in the market: Cover stories, entertainment news, gossip columns, photographs with captions and puzzles to enhance your publication in a cost-effective way.

Red Bee print content can be delivered as complete television entertainment supplements, designed page elements, or as individual grids, text listings and features content that you can incorporate into your pagination and ad insertions.


Red Bee can provide a very comprehensive set of Metadata that includes but is not limited to:

  • Television Listings
    Logs and Grids
    Alphabetical movie listings
    Categorized sports listings
    Talk shows listings
    Cooking shows listings
    Home and garden shows
    Day’s highlights.
  • Features
    Cover stories
    Entertainment news
    Gossip columns
    Photographs with captions
  • Linear TV Data
  • Cable Conversion Charts
  • Pagination
  • IMDb Ratings

Red Bee’s deep and accurate metadata and image libraries allow you to build rich, highly differentiated discovery experiences.

At Red Bee, we not only explore new innovations to differentiate discovery, we speed up the time to market with an all-in-one offering.