TV5 Monde

“TV5 Monde: Have you thought about how outsourcing your Broadcast operations helps promoting a culture to audiences worldwide?”

Broadcast french culture to 220 million households

The Challenge

  • Lack of visibility, flexibility, scalability and control of the old broadcast platform
  • Changing media industry trends and fierce competition
  • Managing complex IT & TV integration project with multiple vendors & different legacy systems

Lack of flexibility, scalability & visibility

The Solution

  • Fully managed service for 9 channels: Integration & operation for production, post production, media management, news & playout
  • Automation system for live studio productions
  • Subtitles in 13 languages

E2E Managed Service

The Results

  • Scalable state-of-the-art HD broadcast platform for linear and non-linear channels, able to launch new channels quickly & increase audience reach
  • Focus on core business of Editorial & Distribution
  • 1st deployment of an automation system for live studio productions in France

Focus on core business & Increase audience reach

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