DPP Design for tomorrow Commercial Relationships




Flexibility and agility are key features of any successful media business today, but the commercial and contractual aspects of our industry have developed slower than technology and audience behaviors.

In partnership with the DPP, we have developed a report, which we hope will guide the industry forward in forming more agile and successful next generation commercial relationships. ‘Commercial Relationships: Embedding value’ explores the commercial relationships needed for media businesses of the future.

Use the form on this page to download the full report.

In addition to reading the report, you can also join our CEO Steve Nylund, together with Warner Media, BT Media and Broadcast and Macquire, in a live webcast where they will explore the working culture of the future within the M&E industry.

30 Nov 2020

Commercial Relationships

  • Steve Nylund

    Steve Nylund

    CEO, Red Bee Media

  • James Crossland

    James Crossland

    SVP International Operations, Warner Media

  • Laura Tressler

    Laura Tressler

    Head of Sales, BT Media & Broadcast

  • Amy Wettenhall

    Amy Wettenhall

    Associate Director, Macquarie

  • Tom Makinson

    Head of Supplier Relationship Management, DAZN

Highly transactional commercial relationships are ill-suited to how suppliers and customers can best support each other in a world prepared for uncertainty.

The final report in the Design for Tomorrow series examines the business relationships we will need in future, including:

  • Contractual relationships
  • Partnership and investment
  • Procurement
  • Insource/outsource
  • Innovation

In this webinar find out what our research told us and in what ways the experts predict we’ll need to change our working culture for the future.