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Waves of Change

Waves of Change, the 2021 DTG Summit, considers the technologies that have the potential to disrupt the television industry; innovations that could change markets and create entirely new business sectors 

The virtual summit explores three waves of change: the user experience, next-gen media and new distribution. We will also hear how natural history production is riding the waves of change – from glass to glass.  

Featuring pioneering innovators, cutting-edge entrepreneurs and renowned thought leaders, brought to you by a state-of-the-art streaming platform offering the latest in audience interaction and engagement.

Join Red Bee Media in an interesting session where we will explore, together with other leaders in the industry, the user experience, a vital differentiator in the hypercompetitive TV and video market. 

Check the agenda below and join the conversation.

8 Jul 2021

The user experience

  • Steve Russell

    Chief Product Officer, Red Bee

The user experience

The user experience – how a person feels when interacting with a product or service – is a vital differentiator in the hypercompetitive TV and video market. Product design once focused primarily on aesthetics; now the emphasis is delivering a compelling experience – one that delights users, keeps them watching and subscribing, and inspires them to recommend products or services to others.

 This session explores: 

  • The hallmarks of successful interface design: How have interactive TV interfaces evolved? How can public service broadcasters’ content remain visible on connected platforms?
  • Personalisation and accessibility: How can recommendation engines embrace serendipity? How are access services evolving, and how are new technologies improving accessibility?
  • Targeted TV advertising: What’s driving recent growth in targeted TV ads? Why is it vital that TV has a targeted advertising solution? How is targeted achieved in live linear television?
  • Cybersecurity: What’s the vital link with user experience? What are the latest standards for IoT devices? How are products being certified in partnership with connected device manufacturers?