Languages and the Media 2022





14th International Conference and Exhibition on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media

Media localization: Welcome back to the future

After a very successful online conference in 2021, we look forward to be back to Berlin from 7 – 9 November 2022 for the 14th edition of Languages & The Media, the International Conference and Exhibition on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media.

We have certainly ridden not one but multiple waves of discovery and discussion since we last met in person. The streaming revolution has continued strong and is still picking up pace, as original content is exploding, especially in languages other than English, with renewed attention paid to inclusion and diversity, as well as accessibility for all. Workflows and tools have moved entirely to the cloud, to enable more remote connections as home-working has become the new norm in the post-pandemic world, while automation is being applied at every step of the production chain. From online platforms that support better media and project management, to language technologies aimed at augmenting translators’ capabilities with more tools under their belt, to sound and VFX-type technologies used to recreate performances in any language one can imagine, new tech solutions for the media and entertainment sector keep springing up one after the other – with a strong influx of funding to boost their development. 

2020 was the year that dubbing got disrupted and a host of new software applications and solutions appeared in the market, bringing this popular audiovisual translation practice closer to its cinephile cousin, subtitling. The perennial question of whether to dub or to sub was asked anew in 2021 and the answer was a resounding ‘both’, as viewers around the world got reacquainted with the art of media localization. As with other topics that make global headlines, be it a new vaccine or the quality of translation in a top grossing show, everyone has an opinion. If there was ever a time for the creative media localization experts to escape the invisibility of their profession and tell the world their story, it is now.

Red Bee Media is a proud sponsor of the 14th edition of Languages and the Media and will be part of the main event in the industry of audiovisual translation with some exciting sessions as part of the main conference programme. We will start with our very own Diana Sánchez, Business Development Access Services, who will chair a panel about audio description with some speakers from Channel 4 and SBS, alongside with experts in AD and the the RNIB

Still on audio description, Marie Campbell, audio description expert at Red Bee, will talk about the challenges of describing sensitive content – Disability, Nudity, Gender and Race.

Last but not least, Lesley McGilp, Signing General Manager at Red Bee, will present our unique solution that combines technical innovation and expert translators to enable Deaf interpreters to deliver a sign language service for live news and event broadcasts and our commitment to the DeafMedia project (Media, Reliable Information and Deaf people in Europe 2020), co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 

Come and join us in Berlin next November 2022 to catch up with the latest trends and innovations, discuss how we can future-proof our profession and ensure the sustainability of our industry going forward!