As modes of communication rapidly evolve and increase in numbers, it is important to make sure they are accessible to all, regardless of personal circumstances or challenges.

Red Bee Media’s Live Remote Captioning (LRC) service enables people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to participate fully in conferences or meetings.

During a conference call with LRC connected, an online meeting room is established, and participants log on to a unique website to access real-time live transcription of all spoken dialogue. If appropriate, an optional ‘chat’ window can be activated for participants to add their own textual comments to the meeting.

All we need from you to make this happen is access to the audio of the session in question.

Audio can be transmitted to us via phone, web stream, Skype, or third-party conferencing apps like Lync, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

LRC Benefits:

  • Enables full participation for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Real-time meeting transcription – genuinely live, as it happens, with everyone receiving the same information at the same time
  • An excellent aid for English as a Second Language (ESL) speakers – studies show that the combination of spoken and written language dramatically increases comprehension
  • Record-keeping without the hassle – with meeting minutes instantly available, invaluable for late joiners as well as for your future reference.

Let us help you facilitate conversation and ensure that your important information is available to everyone who needs it.

Exceptional quality

Our captioners will produce an average of 220 words a minute with a textual accuracy score of 99% or greater, in line with the highest global standards for Live captioning. The team has a broad range of experience, ranging from TV broadcasts to live events and conferences, as well as the provision of one-on-one meeting assistance.


Red Bee Media understands the need for privacy and is in compliance with all international legislation, including GDPR, regarding data privacy. All staff are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and are used to handling sensitive material on a daily basis – we guarantee your privacy. Online meeting rooms will have unique web addresses, and password protection where required, with the ability to limit access to registered users only.

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Remote Captioning booking request

Welcome to Red Bee Media’s remote captioning. If you are interested in booking remote captioning, please complete the form below.

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