You put a lot into running events. So you should make sure your coverage reaches and engages with as many people as it possibly can.

Red Bee’s Live Remote Captioning (LRC) is the answer.

LRC will maximize viewers, keep everyone watching for longer and make sure your stories are remembered long after the event ends.

Grow Your Audience and Connect Better

Whatever your event, Live Remote Captioning makes your content easier to follow for international audiences, as well as the increasing number of deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers.

Live captions are also popular when viewing with background noise, on silent screens and for the many people who prefer having text on screen, a growing trend among younger audiences.

Red Bee’s LRC is industry leading, with minimal latency, and platform agnostic and simple to set up. It can also be integrated with YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Zoom, UStream, Adobe Connect, and many more.

For online meetings and presentations, live captioning is presented in a fully resizable window, or embedded in a webpage, meaning your communications are accessible irrespective of which platform you are using. All we need is access to the audio of the session in question.

In order to maximise reach, your live captioning can also be automatically translated into multiple languages.

We also have an Automated Realtime Captioning solution which offers a low-cost alternative to traditional caption delivery.

And, as well as increasing viewers, you’ll get real-time transcripts of your live event which you can use for social media posts during the event, or for SEO afterwards. Google will index your unique content, helping your online visibility.

Once your event has finished, we can deliver a 100% accurate, perfectly synchronised caption file to increase catchup viewing, and we can also provide captions for any pre-recorded content. To reach an even wider audience, we also have options to translate and localize your content.