Rich and engaging content

Red Bee Media’s Content Discovery team ensures that consumers enjoy rich content presented in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.

Our highly-trained teams of editorial specialists aggregate, create, normalise, maintain and deliver rich metadata, maintaining more than 14,000 sources globally. And now we can exclusively offer IMDb ratings to enrich your audiences experience. Giving consumers access to the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, VOD and celebrity content. As a trusted partner of leading blue chip companies, we seek to deliver high quality media experiences to audiences and customers.


Why IMDb?

IMDb currently has over 250 million unique monthly visitors to their site and mobile apps, with audiences relying on them as an authority in content ratings and rankings.

  • IMDb has high brand recognition with consumers all over the globe with more than 125 million IMDb app downloads.
  • With over 12 million social followers, its ratings are popular and influence consumer viewing decisions.
  • Proven to motivate and drive users to purchase and rent content.

Enriching Content Discovery

This metadata will not only improve your audience’s experience, but it will also increase the power and credibility of search and recommendations, by adding a greater depth of available data.


High Brand Recognition Globally

Supremely Accurate Ratings System

  • 2x more users vote with IMDb than their competition and the 10 star rating system equates to higher recommendations and popularity accuracy.

Popularity Awareness

  • Strengthen the value of your service by offering subscribers greater awareness of content popularity.

Influence Consumer Viewing

  • Tie promoted content and ratings together.

Give Consumers Easy Avenues for Choosing Content

  • Through various popularity lists, consumers will find it easier to discover content.